David Sedaris

The audiobook version was nominated for an Audie (the highest audiobook honor). Publishers Weekly praised this program's "smashing use of the audio as a unique entertainment medium" and called the performances "highly likable and spirited throughout." The collection of Christmas stories includes the hilarious "Dinah the Christmas Whore" and other essays on the profundities of the middle-class holiday experience. The book is dedicated to Ira Glass who hosts the NPR show This American Life (distributed nationally by WBEZ in Chicago) in which David Sedaris is a regular contributor with nearly 30 short stories and reflections being aired, including "Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny" and "Fatty Suit." Producer Ira Glass described Sedaris as "just a working Joe who happens to put out these perfectly constructed pieces of prose." The master satirist is skilled at dissecting euphemisms and turning political correctness inside out with great humor and irreverence. David Sedaris' essays have been described as tart and prickly.